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Marketing Services

We offer a variety of Marketing services, ranging from traditional marketing methods like direct mail and advertisements to new, technologically advanced methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Networking.

Our Marketing Services

Traditional Marketing - Bijam Consulting can develop a variety of communications to your customers that all share a common, consistent brand image and marketing message. Our traditional marketing specialities include advertisements, print materials, and direct mail. We can also assist you in developing sales letters and Powerpoint presentations.

Internet Marketing - There are billions of websites out there...Get YOURS noticed by qualified prospects with our Internet Marketing Services! A website that has not been optimized is not producing the results you deserve. Bijam Consulting can assist you with keyword article writing, search engine optimization (SEO), submittal to search engines, submittal to local businses directories/maps, Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC) and the creation of social networking accounts. See below for more detail on each of these services:

Keyword Article Writing - The use of specific strategic keywords that represent and define the website in the actual text on the webpage. Requires detailed keyword research and analysis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The use of specific strategic keywords to "tag" the website in the background. Although not visible to website visitors, these tags help search engines find relevant websites in response to search queries.

Submittal to Search Engines - A necessary step for businesses to be found on the Internet. Includes submittal to the "big 3" search engines - Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Submittal to Local Business Directories/Maps - Submittal to over a dozen local online business directories and maps. Increases exposure and drives traffic to your website.

Social Networking - Creation of accounts in Facebook, Twitter and more. Allows you to network through online contacts and build a fan base online.

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