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A Business Plan Is...

A step-by-step plan to launching and/or growing
your business. It is like the blueprints for a building.

A Business Plan Includes...

Thorough research and analysis of your industry, your competition and your company's strengths and weaknesses. It also details the future strategies for business growth and success. Each business plan includes up to 5 hours of consultation services, industry specific research and analysis, competitive comparison, customized strategies and complete marketing and financial plans.

You Need a Business Plan Because...

It is an essential tool for all businesses - whether new or established! It provides a solid foundation for your company to grow and exceed your expectations. Not to mention - lenders usually won't even consider lending you money unless you have a professional strategic plan that charts your path to success.

The Cost May Be Less Than you Think...

While many large consulting firms would charge several thousands of dollars for a strategic business plan, we offer the same services and a more personal touch for a fraction of the cost. Standard business plans start at $1,500.

We do much more than business plans! We are like a complete marketing department for your small business. We can assist you with websites, marketing materials and professional writing!
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